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Finding the right website host needs to be less of a financial decision and more about functionality and freedom.

Tips at  a glance

  • Find out if you will need to pay to access your domain password. If you need to leave due to poor service or other issues then this will be important.
  • Make sure that you are going to be able to change providers without too much fuss. Check forums for known issues.
  • Ensure that the hosting package has sufficient storage space and data transfer allowances for your website.
  • Ask the hosting service about likely outages and downtime that may affect your website.

Website Hosting Explained

Every website is stored (hosted) on a hard drive similar in function to a hard drive on your computer. Your website is made up of text and image files that are translated by a computer into what it is that you see when you open your website up online. Those files take up space as they would on your own computer and so your hosting space needs to be big enough to hold all of your files and allow for growth. Many users will access your files at the same time and they use the internet to do that. Imagine sitting at home and sharing your internet with 5 other people in your house. Your internet is likely to slow down because it is sharing resources. Your website is no different. Many users will access your webite files (or pages) at the same time so ensure that you have plenty of upload / download allowance and make sure that there is enough speed there to take care of business.


 Some companies offer  pre-packaged websites which includes hosting.  These types of websites are where you will most likely encounter restrictions unless you pay more to have these restrictions lifted. Packaged websites are not always the best solution even though they may be the easiest and cheapest.  We recommend that you seek free advice before making the decision to go ahead and buy a pre-packaged website. Check out the forums and find out if others have had issues with the hosting service you are engaging. Remember that if you run into any troubles and you need to swap hosts your new host may charge a costly fee for bringing you across to their services.


Keep in mind everything we have already mentioned and have a list of questions ready to ask your hosting provider. We hope that you find this article helpful and please feel free to ask us for free advice.


Edward Hinds.

25th November 2016

Tips on sourcing website hosting.

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