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Build your Brand, Advertise your website and attract more customers to your business with Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation. You don’t have to worry about the jargon or the technical aspects of Search Engine Optimisation  and you definitely don’t need to understand how it all works. Tag Websites  will take care of the technical aspects and provide you with easy to understand reports to let you know that the money you are investing in your business is being well spent.

Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation

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Search Engine Optimisation

Attract more traffic to your website to increase sales and build brand awareness through Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation is a process that requires a fair amount of effort at in the early stages of implementation in addition to ongoing maintenance.  It requires the correct use, and mix, of keywords, social media, image tags, heading tags and advertising. If used incorrectly you could be penalised by the search engines and it could cost you business and give your competitors an advantage.

Tag Websites takes the worry out of search engine optimisation. Our aim is to secure you the best possible search positions we can. We start by finding out which keywords your customers are most likely to use to find your business and inserting them strategically throughout your website. We then get to work on tweaking them so that your search positions improve until we have secured the best possible positions that we can. We also add social media and advertising into the mix. The entire process results in more business for you.

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Digital Marketing

When it comes to advertising your business we ensure that every dollar spent is working towards producing results.  We wont waste your money placing your ad's where they wont work. Our trained professionals only place your ad's where they will give you the absolute best value for money. Our campaigns are based around your goals.


Consider advertising to:

  • Attract new customers.
  • Build Brand Awareness.
  • Grow your business.
  • Test the potential of new products / services.
  • Collect information about which of your products / services your customers are looking for.

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