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Making money while you sleep should be a part of your Online Marketing Strategy. Let's talk about how.

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  • Sell your skills online while you sleep. Ebooks and DIY Videos are a great way to earn and income in your slumber. We will show you how.
  • Provide a paid members area for your online clients which offers exclusive invitations and discounts. Promote your membership area to get plenty of volume. Don’t offer the same discounts elsewhere.
  • Keep watching our website for step by step Ebooks.

Making money from your website in your sleep is surprisingly simple. You don’t need to have an online store and once you have everything set up it wont take up a lot of your time. This idea is also going to help your website rank better on search engines and therefore attract even more traffic to your money making machine.


If you do have an Online store then of course you will be able to make money in your sleep quite easily but what if you don’t have an Online store? Make the most of the skills that you have been blessed with and sell hints and tips, or DIY instructions, in Ebooks and Videos.  Offer things that are not readily available for free online and plan it out properly before you begin. Think about what people want and how you can help them to get it.  You dont need to charge an arm and a leg because you are creating your Ebook / Video once and reselling the same ones over and over again. They will pay themselves off.


Another way to make money in your sleep is to offer paid Memberships to your website. Your members area can include things like exclusive discount vouchers, free DIY instructions, exclusive invitations to events held by your business, free admission to workshops. These are just a few examples and once again this method of making money in your sleep will attract more visitors to your website. Memberships do not need to be expensive, you should already be covering your costs even if you are offering discounts.  You will need to promote your members area quite heavily but there are many ways to do this.


No matter what type of business you own, you can absolutely make money from your website in your sleep. Keep watching our website for Ebooks providing step by step guides on how to go about this to ensure the best possible results.


Edward Hinds.

25th November 2016


Make money while you sleep

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