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So your pages are not really ranking well in search and you're  in a competitive Online Market. It's time to get rid of SEM, search engine mentality.

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  • Search Engines are something we have come to depend on but how long can they survive ?
  • Your pages could be anywhere in the list of about 786,000 pages if you are a beauty therapist on the Sunshine Coast.
  • Social Media, Free Directories and Newsletters are just some of the ways to effectively promote your business.

Search Engines are something we have come to depend on but how long can they survive? Think about it, the list of websites grows each day and with each new website comes a new listing and a new competitor for your business. Search engines don’t stop accepting websites and so they keep growing. So when do we all say enough is enough?  Below is an example of just how competitive things have become:


I used a popular search engine and typed in 'beauty therapists sunshine coast' and at first glance I was horrified. 'About 786,000 results' I was told by the engine. People generally wont look at the entire 786,000 because, like me, they have a life. They will however look at the first page. If your pages are not in there then your probably going to lose your prospective customer to someone else.


Consider this, your homepage has a 1 in 786,000 chance of being found using the scenario above. Search engines don’t care about how many people you will be competing with. Its time to move on and look at some alternatives but remember that the goal is to always get people back to your website. Social Media is a great way to engage real people and get them using your services and buying your products. Have a campaign, plan your posts well in advance, use images, and engage with your audience. Newsletters are a great way to let people know what is happening within your business, run promotions, re-market products and services, promote new pages on your website and find out what your customers are interested in. Free Online Directories are another useful tool especially if people are clicking on the links to your website. There are many to chose from but the most useful are the main stream directories such as Yellow Pages. Directories are great for brand awareness and just getting you out there. We have registered with quite a few and we see the results each month and sometimes they have proven more effective than the search engines.


Combine the techniques we have offered above and mix in a few of your own. They do work but they also require work and constant effort if you want to see good results. We encourage you to at least give this a try.


Keep watching our website for our Ebook which offers a step by step guide to boost your business online using some of the methods above without depending on search engines.


Edward Hinds

2nd December 2016

Do we really need Search Engines?

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