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Websites are more than just a place to promote your business and interact with your clients. They also provide solutions.

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  • Your website can be used to find a particular type of customer, research competitors, take bookings, collect statistics, and maintain records.
  • Believe that anything is possible and have a plan to achieve what it is you would like to use the Online realm to do.
  • Finish your plan before you seek assistance.
  • Web based technologies should save you money and give you back time.
  • Keep checking the Tag Websites pages for innovative projects that we are working on.

Your websites, or portals,  can assist you to find a particular type of customer, gather information about your competitors, collect statistics, provide you with bookings and assist with running your business. The digital platform is full of opportunities just waiting to be discovered and Tag Websites is setting itself up as a leader in digital technologies designed to give your business the edge. Join us on our journey.


When considering a new direction you need to firstly know what your goal is. Believe that everything is possible then start mapping out what it is that you want. Write it all down and have no limitations. Let's say for example that you own a chain of Hotels that pays millions of dollars to online bookings agencies and you want to reclaim those bookings in-house without huge resource costs. It's not all that difficult.  You simply make use of your current resources , develop a special portal on a specialised server and then allow the united system to bring your customers back to you. Naturally there is a technical aspect to this example but we wont scare you off with jargon or give away too many of our secrets. These types of systems are surprisingly low cost solutions when you consider your current running cost. Once you know what you want you can then seek assistance to make it all happen and remember that the end goal is to give you back time and money.


Lets look at other solutions. Websites can synchronise  with your accounting systems so that you can run an online shop, as well as a physical shop, and not have to worry about finding time to enter all of the receipts from your online shop into your accounting software. Web pages can be used as security systems to monitor camera and alarm systems while you are away on holidays. Companies currently use websites to deliver rosters, pay slips and notices and to do things such as track employee productivity and issue daily tasks. The applications really are endless.


Good luck with your project and please keep checking in with us to see what projects that we are working on.


Edward Hinds.

25th November 2016

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